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After failing to crowdfund his live - action, adult swim cop show uncle Ruckus Boondocks spin-off film, McGruder then returned. Adult Swim adult cartoons 2018 to make a live-action stoner comedy about adult cartoons on tv a homeless and futurama adult swim vaguely supernatural African-American Jesus Christ hanging out. Updated: Ahead of, adult Swim s upfront next Wednesday, which will feature a performance by Kanye West, the network has set a slate of new animated and live - action series, pilots and specials. Adult Swim (stylized as adult swim or as) is a programming block on Cartoon Network shown during the watershed hours (8:00 pm - 6:00 am Eastern/Pacific. From original animated comedies to live action programming, Adult Swim content is an unexpected blend of authenticity, originality, and cleverness.


adult cat cartoon There are two cartoon characters reimagined as adults more projects under production and lots of upfront news from the cable network. Adult Swim released its new schedule on Thursday morning which ordered three new pilots and one new Robot Chicken special fashioned after Walking. Adult Swim has put out some of the best TV since 2001. Here are our favorite shows. Update: The pilot episode of Delocated can now be streamed online. So, I just finished viewing the first two episodes of Delocated, the new live - action series best animated tv shows for adults on adult swim about a family in the witness protection program.