, clone Wars (2008-2020) 21 One Punch Man (2015) 20 Gravity Falls (2012-2016) 19 Tom and Jerry (Various) 18 Scooby-Doo (Various) 17 Steven Universe. This show has had such an impact on animation, and has made the longest running.

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With so much choice out there right now, we narrow down the best animated shows Netflix has to offer. 30 must-see TV shows on Netflix, including new original shows and classic series. With Todd Phillips new movie Joker arriving in theaters, fans are revisiting their favorite past Jokers, from Heath Ledger to Mark Hamill xxx video in in Batman: The Animated Series. Jokers Favor, the animated episode that introduced Harley Quinn. How can a cartoon, that requires freshmms xxx 18 the work of dozens of people and thousands of dollars per episode, freshmms wind up with a final product that's lazy and boring? In the past two years, Netflix has given away the crown for the platform hosting the best - animated sitcoms thanks to Fox pulling their content.